You need to treat your Varicose Veins
Diagnostic Ultrasound Evaluation

Below is some helpful information if your physician has recommended you Diagnostic Ultrasound Evaluation to your Varicose Veins…

A Brief

Ultrasound of the veins is used in evaluating the varicose veins. It helps in outlining the anatomical structure of the veins involved plus it provide a better insight on the nature of blood flow through the perforating and the deeper veins. Treatment management options either surgical or non-surgical would be decided accordingly.

How the procedure happens?

You will lay down on an examination table usually on your back. The area to be examined is exposed and a cool clear gel is applied to the area. A transducer is used on the skin overlying the area to be examined, guided over the area till having a clear image. A duplex (Doppler) ultrasound is performed at the same time. The examination will also be performed with standing position.
The examination is completed and you are free to go and return back to normal functions. Images would be processed to be reviewed by your physician and decides the best treatment option for you.

Are you a candidate for Endovenous Laser Ablation?

Every Varicose vein or Spider vein patient is a candidate to Diagnostic ultrasound evaluation.

After Procedure Precautions

- Ultrasound is safe and painless. It is based on harmless sound waves and doesn't use any radiations, injected dyes,   or entering the body.
- No special restrictions or procedures are needed after an ultrasound diagnosis of veins.
- A duplex ultrasound test has no significant risk.

Diagnostic Ultrasound Evaluation Benefits

  • Ultrasound imaging is a completely convenient procedure.
  • A 45 minutes examination with no anaesthesia or medications.
  • A diagnostic affirmation about the site and condition of the tissues and veins involved and accordingly a better treatment decision taken by your physician

Living a Healthy Life with Varicose Veins

There is no perfect way to prevent varicose veins, but improving your blood circulation immensely reduces the risks of developing varicose veins.

Following these tips can also save you from undergoing varicose veins treatment:

  • Regular Exercise: Exercise improves your blood circulation.
  • Keep a balanced diet: Make sure that you take enough Vitamin C. It helps keep the veins healthy.
  • Make it a habit to take a walk every day: A simple, short walk helps circulate blood throughout your body.

Ask for your physician advice to have a better quality of life with Varicose Veins.

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